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Young Learners

(Primary School)

These courses are aimed at primary school-aged children. They take place once a week and last one school lesson (45 minutes).

The lessons are relaxed and playful. A colourful mix of songs, stories, games and creativity promotes the relaxed use of the English language.

For the older children, of course, some reading and writing is part of it – but enjoyment of the language is always the priority.

Whether in normal lessons, or on one of our English-language holidays (Pancake Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), the colloquial language is English. Without pressure and with a lot of fun, language becomes the norm.

There are sets of materials that accompany the children on their journey of discovery into the English language. It includes workbooks and CDs that bring home the native language method we use.

The loose structure of the material allows you to enter the courses at any time.

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