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The most important thing first:

  • All children can first take part in a free and non-binding trial lesson to get to know us and our lessons.

  • All our courses take place in very small groups (for children 4-8, for adults 3-6 participants).

  • Lessons are held in units of 45 minutes (adults 90 minutes) once a week.

  • The lessons take place in all age groups in English – that has worked out great in the last 20 years!

  • Every student is personally encouraged and challenged – there is no pressure, but also no boredom.

What does teaching in the native language method mean?

Especially kindergarten and primary school, children suck up the new language like a sponge and learn a language that will accompany them all their lives! The sooner the children start, the more natural and sustainable they learn English – just like their own mother tongue!

This is the basis of the native language method. During the lesson, the teachers speak only English, supported by a lot of visual material. It is sung, played, later also a little bit read and written. At home, what you have learned is repeated and consolidated with the help of a CD. Through the frequent, varied and often subliminal contact with the language, the children learn English just as they learn their mother tongue - without stress and with a lot of fun.

(speaking) English should be fun!

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