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Adult Courses

They take place once a week and last a double hour (90 minutes).

In small groups, where everyone has their chance to chat, old knowledge is dusted off and refreshed or we start from scratch. Of course, there are also advanced courses in which there is a cheerful chat and discussion.

So far, every participant in these courses has lost their fear of the language!

The priority here is to speak, so that you can easily get yourself understood in everyday and holiday situations. Numerous role-playing games and discussion events guarantee a lot of 'talk time'.

Unfortunately, we can't do without grammar – but it's not always in the priority.

It is important that all participants enjoy learning and can express themselves much more easily at their next 'English assignment'.

Business English

For business situations, we offer a special course in which professional topics such as telephone calls, e-mails and presentations etc. are also developed. Here, too, the content of the lessons is entirely based on the individual needs of the participants.

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