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Terms and Conditions

   1. The lessons

  • Classes take place once a week for 45 minutes.

  • There are no lessons during school holidays or public holidays.

  • If we cancel the lessons within a quarter for more than one lesson your child attends for Kids College reasons, there are two options:

    1. You can catch up on another day of the week in a similar group.

    2. If 1. is not possible, then the money can be refunded for the lost hours.

   2. Payment methods - notice periods

  • You can pay conveniently by direct debit or by standing order. Please bring a Standing order or direct debit form to the first lesson. (Forms for collecting direct debits can be obtained from the office.) The annual course fees are spread over 12 months and 4 quarters respectively to allow for an even payment.

    • monthly

      • 40.00 EUR (33.30 EUR for each additional sibling with same-period course participation) can be deposited monthly by standing order to Kids College's account.

    • Per quarter

      • EUR 120.00 (EUR 99.90 for each additional sibling with the same course participation during the period) will be collected by direct debit at the beginning of each quarter or deposited into Kids College's account by standing order.

      • Quarter 1: Jan. - March, Quarter 2: April - June, Quarter 3: July - Sept., Quarter 4: Oct. - Dec.

    • Annually

      • EUR 455.00 (EUR 375.00 for each additional sibling with the same part of the course) will be paid into Kids College's account at the beginning of the course.

  • Termination of the contract is possible up to two weeks before the end of the quarter by means of a written termination.

  • If a contract with annual payment is terminated before the end of the year, the discount of EUR 25.00 or EUR 24.60 will be waived.


   3. If in doubt, the German version of these conditions (AGB) shall prevail

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