About Us

The Kids College was founded in Krefeld more than 20 years ago. The idea was to teach English playfully and with a lot of fun for the children. With the native language method, in which children learn a new language as well as their own mother tongue, it is easy to speak English without stress.

Since then, hundreds of children have learned English with us in a playful and successful way. You can start at any time. Whether a course for kindergarten children or elementary school students or later at secondary school. Kids College has a suitable course for everyone. We often meet alumni or their parents. Many of them have integrated English into their lives, whether in performance courses, in studies or later in their profession.

Kids College offers qualified English lessons:

  • For children/adolescents from 4 - 18 years

  • For adults

  • All teachers are pedagogically and professionally specially trained native speakers!

  • Kindergarten and primary school children are taught according to the mother tongue principle

  • Pupils from 5th grade onwards are encouraged in grammar and conversation

  • Class work is prepared in a targeted manner

  • Only children at one level are taught together

  • Lessons are taught in small groups once a week

  • Every student is supported in a targeted and tailor-made manner

  • Play and fun effortlessly lead to good and long-lasting learning successes

We look forward to learning with you and your children!


Pancake Day

How big is the biggest pancake in the world? How often can You turn a pancake in 2 minutes?

No idea? Then find out next time
in early 2021

Then we celebrate Pancake Day at Kids College with many, many delicious pancakes!


We were in the Krefeld Stadtwald.

Sunday 8 September 2019.

The children made pictures with our Paint Spinner and won prizes on the shuttle board. All with a little pinch of English, of course.

See you again in September 2021