Conversation and Grammer

(5. – 13. Class)

From the 5th year of school onwards, we offer grammar and conversation courses, each of which is strictly separated according to school years. This ensures that children are not over-challenged or underwhelmed. They take place once a week and last one school lesson (45 minutes).

The teaching is structured on three pillars:

  • Conversation: An important part of our courses is speaking — after all, the children learn a language. Due to the small group size, everyone has a say. This is also an important exercise in terms of oral exams, which are increasingly replacing class work.

  • Grammar: The grammar to be learned in each school year is explained, practiced and deepened with varied tasks. Every question, however trivial, is welcomed and clarified.

  • Class work preparation: Each student can register their topics for the next class work and they are then trained with the whole group. A good repetition for one and perhaps something new for the other. In the older years there are important tips on text work and analysis and the offer to have your own texts checked.