Last updated: Sunday 23rd August 2020

Dear Parents, Students,

Measures against infectious diseases in Kids College

1. Taking part in our courses at Kids College
We are happy that your child wants to take part in one of our courses. In the interest of your own health and that of others please think about the following: Does my daughter/son have any previous conditions in relation to the Corona virus. You as the parents/guardian or adult student decide, if necessary after consulting a doctor, whether your health is in danger if you attend the courses.
2. Exemption of students from our courses
If you show any symptoms of an illness, you are no longer allowed to take part in your course nor should you enter the Kids College. Please inform us straight away if your child or someone in your family has been tested positive for Corona.
3. Behaviour in the building
a. At all times, please keep a minimum distance of 1.5m to another person. That means that direct body contact and certain greeting rituals should be avoided
b. Furthermore a face mask that covers mouth and nose should be worn. Please bring one with you. We will, however provide one if you should forget to bring one.
c. As soon as the students have arrived in the building they should follow the signs to their designated teaching room. Standing around in groups before and after class should be strictly avoided. If jackets have to be hung up they should not touch other people or other jackets.
d. Small individual bottles of water can be brought into class because we currently cannot provide any refreshments for students and temperatures in summer can be quite high. Drinking should be kept to a minimum during the lessons though.
e. The disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrances. Alternatively, hands can be washed in the bathrooms with soap for 20-30 seconds before entering the classrooms. Single-use towels are available for drying.
f. The office should only be entered when strictly necessary and the correct distance should be kept.
g. To avoid contra-flow in the hallways we have set up a one-way-system as far as possible. Please keep to it.
h. Kindergarten children and primary school kids can take off the masks in the classrooms once the dedicated seat has been reached. Children attending secondary school need to keep the masks on. The distance to the other students and the teacher should remain 1.5m.
i. At the moment, due to the limitations of people within the rooms it is not possible for parents to wait for their children in the Kids College premises.

Stay healthy.


Sandra Steadman

You can find further information about the Coronavirus here

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