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Last updated: Sunday 15th August 2021

Dear Parents, Students,

Measures against infectious diseases in Kids College

We are happy that your child is taking part in one of our courses. In the interest of your own health and that of the other participants, only healthy children can take part in the lessons.


Behaviour before you enter the building

Because we are in a building that is in part housing, students and parents should not stand in tight groups directly in front of the entrance, so that all the people living here can enter easily.

The customary social distance should be kept at all times.


Behaviour inside the building

  • Please  keep a distance of 1.5 meters to other people that do not belong to your household. This means as well that direct  body contact should be avoided, that includes shaking hands and hugging to greet someone.

  • Masks should be worn in all parts of the building. Should someone have forgotten to bring a mask, we can provide one. For children between 6 and 13 years of age an every-day mask can replace the medical one.

  • The mask can only be taken off in the course rooms if the weekly incidence value is 1 or 0. Children under the age of 6 do not need to wear a mask.

  • A negative Corona-test (not older than 48 hours) is necessary to attend the lessons. This can be either an official test or one taken at the school. People that accompany the younger children must also have a test. We are not able to provide a testing service at Kids College. Children that are not in school yet, are exempt from the test.

  • As soon as a student has entered the building, he/she should move straight away to their class room and sit down at their designated place.

  • The stations to disinfect the hands at the entrances to Kids College should be used. Alternative: Wash your hands with soap after entering in one of the toilets for 20-30 seconds. There are disposable paper towels for drying.

  • The office should only be used if necessary. Distance rules apply here as well.

  • To avoid contra flow in the hallways, we devised some one-way-streets, which should be used whenever possible.

  • Parents of younger children should only wait inside Kids College if it is absolutely necessary.


Stay healthy.


Sandra Steadman

You can find further information about the Coronavirus here

World Health Organization (German)

World Health Organization (English)

Stadt Krefeld (German)

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